(£50per hour) full package for domestic clients £300

Consultation (1hour – £50)

You will find out how the nutritional package will work for you and also how we work. This service will enable you to tell me your needs and what you would like to get out of your nutrition package. Body measurements can be taken if needed however we are currently working within Covid 19 guidelines and therefore consultations are done via video consultation. A step by step guide can be given during consultation for you to measure yourself correctly. We will devise a plan together on best to work through your individual nutritional package and needs.

Dietary Analysis – (2 hours – £100)

Depending on your individual needs, I will ask you to keep a 3 or 7 day diary which will enable me to analyse your diet with the aid of top professional nutritional software. I will then be able to see where your diet can be adjusted for your own individual diet plan. ( If a manual dietary analysys is required instead then an extra £50 will be added to allow for the extra time needed).

Meal Plans (3 hours – £150)

Meal plans can be devised and will consist of 5 days worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as well as fluid intake required for you individually.

A guidance leaflet will give you guidance on what sort of food to eat, limit or avoid.

Ongoing support will be available inclusive of full package price for up to 6 weeks. Support will be given via any preferred method such as video consultation, zoom, phone call, email or text. Support after this time frame is available for extra cost depending on your needs.