Presentations and talks on different aspects of nutrition depending on the relevance of subject. This can be great to work on a class by class basis in schools as part of healthy eating education from experience at Woodside Primary school in Waltham Forest. Furthermore, seminars can be presented in colleges, work places, support groups and youth settings but not limited to.

Nutritional consultations for corporate work places/schools for staff members.

 Individual consultations for staff on diet advice and how to optimise health with lifestyle including tips to maintain a healthy weight for those working in physically inactive roles. Body composition measurements can be taken and support will be given in terms of results of the individuals. This is a bulk package and price is dependent on booking .


Healthy cooking classes in schools run as an after school club or as part of education from Nursery-University and social settings such as youth clubs. This service can be run remotely if needed in line with Covid 19.