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Five Foods Low In Saturated Fat

Fat consumption is a controversial topic in the nutrition world – but it’s generally accepted that we should try to reduce the amount of saturated fat in our diets down to a minimum. This is because saturated fat leads to the build-up of cholesterol in our arteries, which can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.
The controversy comes because the types of foods we’re switching to might not be great for our health either, and the worry is that by focusing on saturated fat, we’re pushing the people in the direction of carb-rich, processed foods.
So with that in mind, here’s four foods low in saturated fat that you can introduce into your diet which make for a better alternative to simple carbohydrates, and have many other health benefits as well!
Low Fat Milk and Milk Alternatives
Dairy is often the biggest culprit in our sat fat consumption, with butter and hard cheese rich with the stuff. Milk can be high in saturated fats too – this is what the ‘fat’ refers to in full fat or 2% and whole milk.
Low fat options, as well as milk alternatives, contain plenty of healthy fat – and protein too – with unsweetened soya, almond and oat milk containing even less saturated fat than cow’s milk.
Fruit and Vegetables
We should all probably be eating more fruit and veg – they’re a great source of essential minerals and fibre. They’re also incredibly low in saturated fat.
Lean Cuts of Meat
Lean meats, such as chicken, turkey and filleted steak and trimmed red meats, have a high protein content and are relatively low in fat. Chicken is a popular option for a low fat diet – but be aware that the skins can be very fatty.
Whole Grains
Whole grains are an excellent source of minerals and fibre, with a low saturated fat content. We’re talking about beans, oat porridge and sweet potatoes – and wholegrain breads and pastas have less saturated fat than their conventional counterparts.

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