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Michelle Mina’s Guide – Tomatoes

Tomatoes – what makes them so special?  Firstly, a tomato is a plant compound known as lycopene, which is part of carotenoid family.  It is a prevailing antioxidant, which helps prevent damage to cells. 

The lycopene in tomatoes is more bioavailable if you eat it with a bit of fat – cook it in a bit of olive or coconut oil and serve it with a dressing, rather than just raw.  So adding tomato soup, passata, purees, sauces and tomato juice to your meals are all good ideas to add this item to your meals.  

Health benefits of tomatoes

Lycopene offers the following health benefits: 

Cancer: predominantly distinguished for a decrease in the risk of prostate cancer in men, and conceivably breast, lung and other cancers too 

Cardiovascular disease: increased lycopene levels are connected to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. 

How you can add more tomatoes to your diet:

Red & green eggs: Sauté some sliced tomatoes in a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil, then you add eggs to scramble in the pan.  

Avocado on toast: add some chopped tomatoes your avocado toast.

Tomato soup:  you have a few options here, and can even freeze it and get it ready for work in the morning. Just make sure to make or buy a tomato soup that does not have a lot of sugar,

Slow roasted tomatoes: this is a good way to group cook a bunch of tomatoes.  You can freeze or store the tomatoes in oil for later use and is a great addition to any salad.

Fresh salsa: sliced tomatoes, with spring onions, fresh coriander, a small amount of olive oil and fresh lime juice – add chilli and garlic to taste.  Keep it in the fridge to complement any fish or chicken.

Simple tomato salad: slice ripe tomatoes, season and drizzle with oil and vinegar.

Tomatoes are a great, healthy choice to add to your diet, and the benefits should not be ignored.



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